I figured it would be more polite (and possibly beneficial…to myself! Mwahahaha, baked goods from other people’s kitchens!) to refer you folks to the recipes I used to make some goodies I previously montaged. Is that the correct usage of that word? Probably not.

But anyway…

This is the beginnings of my most well-received (so far) dessert, vegan red velvet cupcakes which I found here. Mine don’t turn out very red, even though I pump them full of red food coloring, but if anyone knows of a recipe that involves the original red ingredient, beets, please let me know!

If you’re wondering what the lumpy things are in the dry ingredients, that would be sugar cubes. I ran out of normal sugar and ended up having to stick all this in my blender. Good times!

This is classic chocolate chip cookie dough about to head into the fridge to chill out before getting baked (loving that pun, loving it!) I’m pretty sure I got the recipe here. The cookies didn’t turn out too great because (a) I didn’t stick with the gluten-free flours, which made my cookies very runny, and (b) I tried to copy something my sister did with sea salt and cayenne, which wasn’t too great…at least according to Z-dubs. But what does he know? When I brought all the cookies and cupcakes to the office (because I can’t eat a lot of sugar, or flour) these ones disappeared first! Take that, Fatty McFatFat!

For the record, Karina has been posting a lot about muffins…I should really stop reading her blog while I’m at work.  She’s given me a hankering to get back to baking (definitely almost typed “bake to baking”).

This bad boy is definitely from here. I would love to make all the cookies on this blog, but there are not a lot of recipes! Clearly, I am going to have to invest in another cookbook. Sigh. There is not enough time in the world to do all the things I love (reading, writing, cooking, running, whistling downhill on my mountain bike, climbing). Why can’t I enjoy the outdoors AND the indoors (by which I mean my kitchen) all at the same time?!??! Damn you  summer!

Wait – I take that back. I love you, summer! Please stay for longer! My dark skin needs longer daylight hours in order to make vitamin D!

Alright, that’s it for me. Talking about baking is tearing me apart.